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This visualization shows different blocs of voters in New York City that are likely to have the highest impact on 2013 Democratic primary elections.

According to the survey, there are 4 million voters staying in NYC. But, as per statistics from older elections, less than 800,000 Democrats and less than 80,000 Republicans are expected to vote. So, these voters are divided in different blocs and are shown using different colors in the map.

Things that I like about this visualization are:
- It uses map of New York city to demonstrate the population of voters belonging to different regions.
- It divides population of voters in different sets and uses different hues to represent each set of voters which makes it easy to understand and visually appealing.
- Size of the block varies depending upon the population of voters in that block/set.
- Interactivity is achieved through mouse rollover functionality which highlights all of the portions of the map that belongs to this particular block.
- I also liked the way details about different regions are provided. Once you start taking the tour, it gives all the details and information about that specific region.

Some of the things that I don't like about this visualization are:
- Though, size of the block represents population of voters in that particular region, actual number of voters n that region cannot be determined unless and until one starts to take tour using the arrow keys. Mouse rollover functionality could have been enhanced to represent number of voters along with highlighting of the region.
- Color coding is not appropriate. Some of the sets are represented with same color. Which makes it difficult to understand if a region belongs to one particular set or other. For example, at the bottom, green color is used to represent both "Central Brooklyn" and "West Indians". This makes it difficult to determine which portion belongs to which set unless one takes mouse over one of the portions. This could have been avoided using different hues for different sets.
- The title of the region should also get highlighted when mouse is over that region. Otherwise, it becomes hard to read that text.

Overall I like this visual representation of data. It makes it easy to understand the set of voters that can influence the voting decision. However, it has a room for certain above mentioned improvements.
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