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Week 6: Mapping the Nation's Well-Being
10-06-2014, 05:19 PM
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RE: Week 6: Mapping the Nation's Well-Being
I liked the visualization in general and as others have mentioned it is a very informative tool and also well built. Interactive functions of graph works pretty well. Zooming and also hovering of mouse is well built and gives you information as you expect.
Something that was bothersome for me was that the informative sentence about each index placement is bad and I keep looking around to find its location. It is a bit dense there. Also I never noticed that whenever you change an index, scales are changing and because the very first scale was in my mind I was astonished to see this big rate of smoker when I realized the scale has changed. Maybe using different colors in consecutive changes of indexes would notify user of the change in scale.
Also as others have mentioned district locations identified by numbers are a bit odd and at least they could have added what cities these districts contain.
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