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Better Life
10-13-2014, 07:00 PM
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RE: Better Life
First, a stacked bar chart is useful when we are concerned with the total which I think is the case here. So the main comparison is between spending on necessities (food, clothing and housing) and others. The author has added percentage to the others bar which I think was an excellent decision because the baseline for each year was different because of the stacking and because of this it would have been very difficult to observe any trend in spending in the other category if it had not been for the percentage annotations.

I dont think the 2009 line is unnecessary, it provides an important cue to the story the author is trying to convey which is that the spendings on basic necessities have become a small percentage of the overall budget (less than 50%). And then the author shows the spending distribution across various income groups for 2009.

Overall, this is a good visualization which conveys the story well.
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