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Week 5 : A Map of Olympic Medals
09-29-2014, 09:51 PM
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RE: Week 5 : A Map of Olympic Medals
I found this visualization quite interesting for the following pros and cons---


1) Information is presented both geographically and in a ranking format.The area channel encoding is used to represent the number of medals won by that country.Bigger the circle ,more the number of medals.Thus we can find very easily the countries having won maximum number of medals.

2)Information is also presented in a hierarchical manner.For example if we want to have to find the number of different types of model for different countries then we can hover the mouse over the circle for that particular country and get the information.
3)The detailed information about winners is also present for various fields like archery,badminton etc.
4)using 6 different colors to group countries in continents is a good idea.
5)We can also see the statistics for the past years just by moving the arrow on the year scale.

1)Many circles don't have name of countries on them thus making it hard to identify them.
2)Area encoding does not give a true sense of data count.
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