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Week 5: Codebases Millions of Lines of Code
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RE: Week 5: Codebases Millions of Lines of Code
I think this visualization does an ok job of showing the the amount of code in various programs running in different systems in our world while creating some eye catching details with it's variation in the color on the bars. I did however find the quantity scale confusing as initially it seemed it was going in both the x and y but on closer examination it's actually separated into multiple categories and multiple subscales in those categories from hundreds of thousands to millions of thousands of lines of code going in the y direction which could confuse the viewer. In addition this gives me a hard time comparing visually just how much bigger each quantity of data in each category is bigger than the previous because of multiple scales as it seems there's too much data being crammed.

I also though the gray semi circles going out were confusing and had a hard time making sense of it such as the one labeled “organism” and think the data could be represented differently there. The last thing was the same bars being in more than one row which makes it hard to sum up the amount for that as in the instances of “mouse” and “apparent size of website though I understand this is also a space issue but I believe the scale can be optimized so as to not have multiple bars in different rows and to just have one bar and accommodate the larger data. In the end it did convey its point as to give the viewer an idea of the difference in the vast visual scale of data in multiple categories but it's hard to make quantitative comparisons off it.
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