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Week 5: Codebases Millions of Lines of Code
09-28-2014, 10:51 PM
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RE: Week 5: Codebases Millions of Lines of Code
The layout of this chart is very easy to follow, which I'm sure increases its ability to shock my friends' parents on Facebook. If I ignore the subjects and just look at the chart's numbers, it reminds me of an old book that helps kids visualize how “big” the number one million is.

The chart compares software that interested people will likely have heard of, but in a way that I believe is misleading. For example, when the show the lines of code count for Apache OpenOffice, I wonder if they're including a standalone Java Virtual Machine in that code count or not. If so, that wouldn't be a fair comparison with something like the Linux kernel. That would be like comparing a parts count for an engine with the parts count for a vehicle, which would include and engine and many other discreet components. It's possible that the website includes in its lines of code count SQL Server, Windows Server, Internet Information Services, and all kinds of other complex software that an enterprise website can be built on. Am I to believe that is made up of 500,000,000 lines of business logic?

The labeling inconsistency is something CS 5630 has made me more sensitive to. Some of the sub titles of the subjects are tiny descriptions, some are dates, and some are missing. Are the items with no descriptions items that simply speak for themselves or something?
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