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Week 4:Category 4 Hurricane Odile Expected To Make Pass At Baja Peninsula
09-17-2014, 05:01 PM
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Week 4:Category 4 Hurricane Odile Expected To Make Pass At Baja Peninsula
[Image: hurricane-odile.gif?itok=0Ak1Bgib]

The visualization describs the probable path, Hurricane Odile might follow over a period of 5 days. They start monitoring the state of hurricane from Sunday September 2014 and then continue to track it as it moves closer towards the western coast of Mexico. They depict the severity of the weather across different region by classifying them as ‘warnings’ and ‘watches’. Also individually they classify ‘warning’ and ‘watches’ further into hurricanes and tropical storms which are represented by different colors. Along with this information they provide a conical pattern which indicates how the storm would spread. It also contains mapping of sustained winds by using different letters each indicating different wind speeds.

Pros :
1. I really liked the visualization as it gives a very good estimate in most simplistic way about the probable path that hurricane would take.
2. The designer did not clutter the map with lot of data, and by including few alphabets and colors, clearly convey his intentions.
3. The legend contains a lot of text, but I felt in this case it was important because the map portrays a lot of information.

1. I felt that instead of just showing a white conically pattern, if they could have shown the path the hurricane may follow according to pattern used in isopleth maps
2. The colors used to indicate ‘watches’ are very light and are barely visible in the visualization. Even though I do agree , that the designer is trying to contrast it based on severity with the warnings, but if they are not able to clearly indicate what they are trying to convey ,then it doesn’t seems to be quite useful.
3. I also felt that the background colors, particularly the color of the ocean was very bright. Maybe picking colors scheme in the shades of sky blue would seem to be a better fit in this case.

Overall the visualization does a very good job in helping us gather higher level weather information about the storm. What do you guys think ?

This article was taken from International business times. You can find the complete article in the following link.Hurricane Odile
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