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Week 3: PCs: Not Dead Yet
09-11-2014, 11:19 AM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2014 11:32 AM by Derek Nelson.)
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Week 3: PCs: Not Dead Yet

This visualization came from an article in the IEEE Spectrum Magazine.
Here is the direct link to the image:
The data came from a market research firm by the name of Gartner.

The designer grouped the information together and tried to show how personal computer sale growth changed over the same quarter, previous year. Using a multi-dimensional bar graph we can find the percentage of growth and the actual sales for that quarter in the years from 2009 and 2014 on this graph. The sales actually look like they are decreasing if you only look at the raw data. However, if you look at the percentage of change from the year previous it appears that people are actually beginning to purchase more pcs again. This is a quantitative and time series bar chart. That is trying to show that the pc looked like it was going to disappear but now it looks like it will be something that stays around a little longer.

I feel that this visualization is successful in trying to show that PC sales were going down, then in the last few months those sales have indeed started to grow. However, this can be hard to see. There is a lot going on with the different bars, colors, and readability of lines. The colors are really similar to the vertical bars compared to the horizontal bars. The saturation and luminance of the orange hue is really similar so it is hard to determine if the colors are different. The purple color is helping to distinguish between the vertical and horizontal bars. However, I would say that the color is chart junk and if printed in black and white you wouldn’t be able to tell between the different bars. Also the blue background was really hard to distinguish what the labels were. The text was hard to read. The size of the text was also small, which made it harder to read.

This visualization also has quantitative representation issues as well. The reference points for the axes are really hard to see where they line up on the actual bar. This is because of the 3D aspect. The pc sales bars only fall between the 60 million and 100 million sales so there is a lot of wasted space taken up by making the reference 0. Also you have no idea what the actual numbers are, it helped a little to have the value added to the bar.

There is so much information on this chart it is hard to know what to get out of it. The bubbles that give some explanation help direct to where we need to look. I really don’t see the need to have the pc sales included in this graph. A line chart that showed the growth of personal computer sales would be sufficient. However, the sale data might give us an understanding of what is actually happening.
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