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Week 14: Pop Music title word frequency
12-07-2014, 11:13 PM
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RE: Week 14: Pop Music title word frequency
First of all, I haven't heard of Pitch Interactive before. It's good to know that here is a company that specializes in data visualization. This visualization was very interesting to me since I'm both a music lover and a data junkie. The choice of word doodle was perfect for this type of data, but I agree with you that the less frequent words being indistinguishable was a bad decision. It was almost impossible for me to tell what the words are after the top 30. A magnifying glass (interactive) would be a great addition to this visualization. And I also agree that color encoding here is not necessary, since it is not encoding any information except for that 'the' is the most frequently used word, which is already obvious from the size of it. This visualization made me realize that word doodle could be so ineffective.
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