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Week 14: Pop Music title word frequency
12-14-2014, 11:37 PM
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RE: Week 14: Pop Music title word frequency
This visualization definitely needs some help to be better, using a filter would be great but would that serve the same goal this vis was made for ? I would say we need a searching bar where I could search for a word I want, also the word "night / nights" should be the same and not counted as a different word. Having an option to remove words like "the, a, in, and at ...etc" since these are very common and there are there to help the sentence and not to build it. I wish this was made for all kind of music and I could chose whatever kind of music "rock,pop, reggae, rap...etc" I want to see what's the most common words.
Overall, this visualization is very weak and misses a lot of features, the company could defiantly do a better job if they tried harder.
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