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Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
12-01-2014, 12:33 AM
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RE: Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
This visualization feels like a game of “Find your Favorite Controller” to me. Stepping back and looking at the diagram doesn't give me a very good feel for the temporal milestones in the controllers' evolution. Locking the controllers into year buckets might help me to better understand when evolutionary leaps were made.

The artwork in this visualization is appealing to me. It's fun for me to see so many controllers that I had forgotten about. Clearly this visualization is about fun and the visualization succeeds in being fun to look at.

This chart is far from complete. There is much more to show concerning controllers integrated into consoles, for example the Game Boy: It's a controller with the console built in to it. If this part of the evolution of controllers was included, then that Wii controller wouldn't be without lines attached to it at the bottom of the chart. It's interesting that consoles with built-in controllers came about before controllers with screens meant to supplement a standalone console.
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