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Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
11-21-2014, 03:46 PM
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RE: Week 13: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
Great critique, I agree with this for the most part.

As touched upon above, I feel that the design decision contributing most to the effectiveness of the visualization is the use of images of each controller type. Without this, the visualization would be rather meaningless given the wide variety of controller types, especially when it comes to those that are uncommon and/or antiquated.

Regarding discussion of color, I feel that is it poorly used to encode controller type. While the legend attempts to use color to distinguish between controller types, I feel that portions of this information is lost due to indistinguishable hues and intertwined node connections. I would go as far as suggesting that encoding controller type with color is not necessary as I feel the controller image effectively accomplishes this.

As mentioned above, I very much agree that this particular node-link layout is difficult to follow. Given that the goal of this visualization is to better understand that network topology, I feel that a node-link layout is most appropriate. However, the actual layout itself could use improvement to minimize overlapping links and improve readability. If an optimized layout does not eliminate the challenges above, interactivity could be incorporated to help better understand hierarchy through the use of highlight for example.
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