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Week 13: LGBT Rights across the world
11-19-2014, 11:32 AM
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Week 13: LGBT Rights across the world
This is a visualization about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights across the world.

[Image: -sp-gay-rights-world-lesbian-bisexual-tr...ry:646,862]

Following is the link to the original Visualization,862

The rights are categorized into five categories where each category is assigned a color. The countries are spread spatially in the form of a semi-circle and are divided into five categories based on the continent to which they belong. The plot area is divided into five concentric rings where each ring is used to represent about one of the categories of rights. The area allotted for each country in a ring is filled with associated category color, if that country has rights for LGBT in the law. Grey color is used if LGBT is illegal or law is unclear.

The visualization uses area as mark; color and space as identity channels. Color encoding is used to indicate the number of rights in each category that are in the law. Less saturated colors indicate that there are only some rights and more saturated color indicates that it is completely legal.

The visualization also has two tabs: Country and Population. The default view is the visualization associated with the first tab: Country. The visualization of second tab: Population is similar to that of the first, except that additional area encoding is used to represent the population of the country.

The visualization has interactivity built in. On hovering the mouse over the plot, the corresponding country name is displayed and the country is highlighted in the map. Although the following interaction is not particularly related to the visualization, one may also select continent from the list below the visualization and the desired country. This displays the details about the country in the form of text below the list.

I feel that the visualization is very effective in conveying the information that it has to convey. I liked the hues used in the visualization. To a normal eye, I believe that this visualization with respect to colors would have a very aesthetic appeal. But both the colors: red and green have been used which would difficult to distinguish by a person suffering from protanopia or deuteranopia. Similarly both the colors: yellow and blue have been used which would be difficult to distinguish by a person suffering from tritanopia. I also feel that the second visualization is redundant. There is no practical use in size encoding of total population of the country. Instead of the total population of the country, if the population share of LGBT had been used, then the visualization would have made more sense. For example it would indicate how even if many LGBT lived in a country there are no prescribed laws for them. Another feature that would improve the visualization is the ability to select the country by directly clicking on the map. Looking up data for a particular country will be easier this way than searching through the sectors.

Overall, this is a good visualization with minor flaws.
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