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Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - u0780582 - 11-13-2014 11:08 PM

Here's A Beautiful Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901.

[Image: screenshot%202014-10-08%2006.33.01.png]

You could find the resource from



this chart detailing the total number of Nobel prize laureates awarded from 1901 to 2013, the US has more than twice as many Nobel laureates as the next country (UK). USA almost get one third of total. In this visualization, you could see the number of laureates by countries, by fields. And also, you could find the relation between countries and fields.


For this visualization:

1. Generally, I think this is a good visualization. It is pretty clear, I could see the number of Nobel prize laureate by countries and fields.

2. Relatively, this visualization is a kind of parallel coordinates in my opinion. Country - field - number of laureate .

3. The downside for this image is loss of interactivity. And also, if there could be some fish eye operation, that would be much better.

4. One more thing is that, this vis has relative less information. If author could add more inforamtion, such as years, it would make the vis more informative. If this vis could have a filter to deal the year information, i think it would become more interesting.

5. Since the number of laureates from "other counties" is very huge compared to the total amount(30 percent), it would be better if author uses another way to deal with it.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - Chaomeng - 11-14-2014 02:45 AM

I think this is a pretty interesting and nice looking visualization. Each country has search bars that lead to all different categories of Nobel prizes. Each country is assigned to a different color. However, it think this visualization fails to offer more detail information, and I think it has few issue need to be mention.
1. No clear line to separate country bar and the prize category bar. Some clear line or some indicator should be use to clearly depart these two parts, to avoid make confusion to the use.
2. No good interaction. This vis lacks some good interaction to give some detail and option about this vis. For example, this vis does not show the detail number of different Nobel prizes each country win, and you can only guess the number by the bar width.
3. No clear channel for different Nobel prizes category. This would be better to give a channel to each different Nobel prize category, so user could easy distinguish different Nobel prize each country won, and easy to lead the country to different prize category.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - hehe - 11-14-2014 04:25 PM

This is an interesting visualization. I agree with the author for the most part. It is very clear to tell that which county obtain more Nobel prizes, especially on which fields. The color used in the graph is comfortable to me, clean and no misleading. The designer also shows the number of Nobel prizes obtained under the country name and total prize offered is labeled out side the circle. I would like to add interactivity to provide more information on this visualization. For example, in country category "others" I think it could be divided again and present more details when people click it. Additionally, instead of showing a total number of Nobel prizes obtained, we could show specific number of Nobel prizes on each subject for a country. Moreover, I also want to add a legend to explain for a subject if offers Nobel prize starting from which year. Overall, I think this visualization only provide limited information.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - Shravanthi - 11-14-2014 05:07 PM

This visualization clearly lacks interactivity. There is no distinction between the countries and the awards in the Nobel prize category. It offers a birds eye view of the different countries with US grabbing 1/3rd of the honours. The others category seems to offer very little information.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - sheetalg0309 - 11-14-2014 05:44 PM

The graph should have provided the number of the prizes received by the each country in each domain. For e.g. A thin line running from USA to physics does represent that the USA has a major chunk. But how much out of 196 belong to USA??? A closer look at physics gives us that information. But it is only w.r.t to physics.
Again, lack of interaction is the problem.
Use of legends for representing each country would have worked as well.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - gita - 11-14-2014 06:24 PM

I agree with the popular opinion that this visualization lacks interactivity. The information presented is pretty clear and to the point. But, I feel more details could be included in this visualization had it provided some interactivity tools. Overall, I feel this is a simple and to-the-point visualization.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - u0909249 - 11-14-2014 10:01 PM

As u0780582 & others have stated, the Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 is indeed interesting. As far as the graph being a kind of parallel coordinate, I do not think that to be the case. Interactivity would be a welcomed addition to the visualization. The path's hue's alpha could increase on hover, or clicking on any item on the visualization could change the hue of selected paths etc as far as interactive suggestions. The filter suggestion as far as interactivity is also excellent. That being said, I do not think that there is a lack of data presented. There could also be an interactive breakdown of countries versus what fields & actual prize quantities were received compared to other countries by way of clicking on each country or field to compare. Also, adding a hover drill-down of what prizes were actually won in what fields per country would also allow the end user to receive much more detailed information without sacrificing the overall appeal of the current visualization's structure. And as far the final statement about "other countries", I also think that it is justifiable that the they are all lumped together due to Business Insider being a New York based company. If the other suggested interactive features were implemented, this would be even less of an issue.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - MitchWest - 11-15-2014 09:37 PM

Hey Kevin . I do agree with the points you made and I think interactivity in the form of being able to filter the data would be huge. Ex. Just show me the United States or just show me the Chemistry Nobel's. This would allow you to see what you actually want to see without the clutter.

I can see why others are citing lack of data because of the other countries section. I do agree but it may not be practical to include more countries without proper filtering. To me it seems that other countries should be a smaller portion. When it is still the largest portion of the graph it would seem that you should go into more detail on the data.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - mind - 11-15-2014 11:00 PM

It's an interesting visualization, which states the several countries that have the most nobel prize winers, and lists all the winers with the fields. I didn't see any interactivity on this graph. Though what interactivity could do is limited, it could help to better link countries and fields together, by dragging countries to the left or right to differentiate colors. And, I agree with u0780582 that the "other" category is too large. Perhaps the author of this visualization is just trying to give us a general idea, hence it's unnecessary to list as many countries as possible especially there are limited space for country names.

RE: Week 12: Visualization Of Nobel Prizes By Country Since 1901 - u0923385 - 11-15-2014 11:54 PM

I'll go against the grain and suggest that interaction is not necessary. Judging by the title alone, I consider the goal of this visualization to be portraying the number of Nobel laureates by country of origin and the number of prizes awarded. Assuming that this alone is the overarching goal, I feel that this visualization effectively accomplishes this. On the contrary, interactivity could be used to portray trends such which country contributes the most to specific fields, as has been suggested.

Touching on mentions that the "Others" category is too large, I suspect this could be due to the number of distinguishable bins for hue. Remembering that Munzner mentions that hue is distinguishable to roughly 6 to 7 bins, we have 9 bins here. As such, maybe the decision to have such a large "Others" category was on the basis that it was difficult to incorporate more bins due to a combination of their hue being difficult to distinguish from others and/or there being so few prizes awarded that they'd be difficult to distinguish from others (especially considering that size and hue interfere with one another).