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RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - jdawson - 12-07-2014 09:13 AM

The critique was very well done. I think this is a great visualization. There is purpose to all of the animation. It has a good use of the space. The ability to "take a journey" makes it fun and interactive. If you want to see information about a specific topic you can use the search feature. For example, if you want to see a list of events from World War Two you can search for it and it brings up a list of events that you can then use to navigate the visualization by clicking on different titles in the pop-up box. Overall what a great interactive way to view all of the data that comprises British history.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - Deepeeca - 12-07-2014 12:27 PM

This is a very interactive and cool visualization. I liked the idea that they provided a lot of information in the space provided without making it too big. The color choices and the background images are very visually appealing as Tulasi said. Take a Journey feature is very effective in conveying the important events during that age providing information in detail.

Overall, this is an effective and interactive visualization.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - ThatGuyCraig - 12-07-2014 12:45 PM

Quote:3. They made interaction very easy to users, if we click on any point on the graph it will move right or left depending on which part we clicked.
This is a slight pro, but I believe the way in which they implement this could be vastly improved by adding some sort of dragging/swiping capability.

Quote:4. There are Next event and previous events displayed on the graph if there are no events in that particular year and if we click on those we will be redirected directly to that event instead of going through all years in between.
I felt that this could have been vastly improved, by having the next/previous buttons always present. As it is implemented now, it requires me to scroll to an unused zone to skip to the next major data block, which to me is slightly annoying.
Quote:Cons: ...
To add to this list even more, I notice that multiple events will highlight when your mouse isn't even near them.(At least it does in mozilla) Thus, for a suggested improvement, I would fix the rollover so that it only highlighted the event which you were currently rolled over.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - Shravanthi - 12-07-2014 04:40 PM

The BBC temporal data engages the viewers with the viz which is very aesthetically presented. The 'take a journey' feature is the major highlight which also provides some background story to the viewers.There is a filter which helps you choose to visualize the history of Scotland or northern Ireland separately. I found this viz to be mindblowing.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - kbsvarma - 12-07-2014 08:36 PM

This has to be one of the best visualizations I have seen. I agree with others that the ‘Take a journey’ is a great feature. I agree to the critique completely. I could not think of any improvements other than those mentioned in the critique. I agree with one of the members that this was like ‘reading a book’. I like the fact that the visualization was informative, visually stunning and intuitive. I also liked the colors used in the visualizations as they were pleasing on the eye. Another excellent feature were the background pictures. In my opinion, the images selected for each era were well thought out and by themselves were informative.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - shivam - 12-07-2014 09:03 PM

I liked the visualization. It was very well thought of and very well organized. I liked how they had the search feature as well as the feature to separate histories regarding several countries forming Britain. We can even search a specific year using the search box. I also liked how they have grouped dots depending on whether they represent related events in history. I agree with the op that the its not very clear what the black dots are for. It seems on selecting a specific country event related to other countries are disabled and shown with black dots.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - zhiminl - 12-07-2014 09:05 PM

This is a of the most awesome visualization I ever met, it give you a time axe and you can pick the specific time’s history of British. You can zoom in to find more detail about the history. The author mark some special history event which is important in British history. The good thing is when you zoom in in specific period the background image will change to relative image. The interactive technique is abundant in this vis. you change choose specific time’s history at the top you can also choose the different region’s history, like England, Wales.
I think this is a really good example that show you that combination of visualization and other field can create better thing. I think this vis really help people to remember the history event of British

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - Abhishek - 12-07-2014 11:30 PM

The visualization is very unique and one of the best I have critiqued on. There is a lot of interactivity and the Britain History is unfolded in a story line. We can click on any story board to get the detailed article about the event.
However, the visualization takes some time to load.

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - u0780582 - 12-07-2014 11:36 PM

very nice vis. Nice interactive!

The time axle works very well. THe zoom stuff works very well.

One bad thing is that it takes long time to load the whole stuff.

Also, the detail information is provided in a very appropriate way

RE: Week 15: British History Timeline by BBC - shreya - 12-07-2014 11:55 PM

This is a really nice piece of visualization which represent such huge amount of data very efficiently. For me,like many others the best feature was the 'Take Journey' button.The visualization is very informative and appealing, with lot of interactivity. I like the feature where you zoom in to a specific period, the background image will also change correspondingly.

Overall, the visualization achieves it purpose of representing large amount of information and details effectively in a user friendly manner.